Urgent Alert: Unprecedented Voter Suppression Operation Uncovered in Kogi East


In a shocking turn of events, a serious and alarming operation is currently underway in Kogi East, orchestrated by agents of Governor Yahaya Bello. Reports have emerged that individuals claiming to represent the governor have been demanding voters’ cards from leaders of various associations with more than ten members.

These agents have allegedly stated that this action is necessary to gather information for subsidy palliative relief. However, the voters’ cards collected are not being returned until after the upcoming November governorship election in Kogi State.

This sinister strategy has the potential to suppress the voices and reduce the political influence of the people in Kogi East. This information must reach every corner of the state, particularly in rural areas, to protect the democratic rights of the affected citizens.

The Threat to Democracy: Governor Yahaya Bello’s alleged operation of collecting voters’ cards under the pretense of providing subsidy palliative relief is a grave threat to the democratic process in Kogi East.

Voting is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of any democracy, ensuring that citizens can participate in choosing their representatives. By coercing individuals to surrender their voters cards, the governor’s agents are effectively disenfranchising the people of Kogi East and attempting to manipulate the outcome of the forthcoming governorship election.

Impact on Rural Areas: Rural areas are particularly vulnerable to such tactics due to limited access to information and resources. Uneducated individuals, who might be unaware of their rights or the implications of surrendering their voters’ cards, are at risk of falling victim to this scheme.

This awareness must reach every nook and cranny of Kogi East, including the rural communities. The rights of every citizen must be protected, regardless of their level of education or socioeconomic background.

The Call to Action:1. Raise Awareness: It is the responsibility of every citizen to spread this information far and wide. Share this article, post on social media, and engage with local community organizations to ensure that the people of Kogi East are informed about this operation.

2. Educate and Empower: Reach out to individuals in rural areas and provide them with accurate information about their democratic rights. Educate them about the importance of preserving their voters’ cards and how they can play an active role in shaping their future through voting.

3. Report Suspicious Activities: If you or someone you know encounters individuals demanding voters’ cards or engaging in any voter suppression activities, report it to the appropriate authorities immediately. Document any evidence available and cooperate with investigative efforts.

4. Seek Legal Assistance: If anyone has already submitted their voter’s cards or feels pressured to do so, they should consult legal professionals or advocacy groups specializing in voter rights to explore possible courses of action.

The ongoing operation in Kogi East, where Governor Yahaya Bello’s agents are allegedly collecting voters’ cards under the guise of subsidy palliative relief, poses a significant threat to democracy. Every citizen must be aware of their democratic rights and the implications of surrendering their voter’s cards.

The suppression of voices, particularly in rural areas, can be countered through education, awareness, and collective action.

Together, we can safeguard the democratic principles upon which our society is built and protect the integrity of the upcoming governorship election in Kogi State.


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