Ukraine Aims to achieve air superiority with F-16 Fighter Jets.


The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with 42 F-16 fighters, Zelensky said following a visit to the country. It will happen after the training of Ukrainian pilots is completed, which is already ongoing.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte said he could not specify how many F-16 fighters the country will supply to Ukraine, but Amsterdam has only 42 aircraft in stock.

The F-16 plot thickens: Denmark and the Netherlands will transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine after the completion of the training of pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the fulfillment of a “number of other conditions” .

This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of Denmark. The Danish Air Force has about 30 fighters, which will be retired when the country switches to more modern F-35s. The Dutch Air Force has 42 of these aircraft.


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