President Buhari reveals why he appointed women as Finance Ministers


President Buhari on Tuesday during the commissioning of the new corporate headquarters of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in Abuja, revealed why he always appoint female finance ministers.

The president said that he appointed only ladies as Ministers of finance because of the cultural belief that people would feel too big to go to them for favours.

The outgoing president said he deliberately did that to ward off disturbances from people looking for award of contracts and payment of contract sums.

According to him, “I made sure I gave Ministers of Finance to ladies because of the cultural behaviours of Nigerians.

“Once ladies are in charge people feel too big to go to ladies. So, I am sure things will not be the same in the Ministry of Finance where people go and start lobbying for their contract to be paid so they will feel too big to go to a lady. So I make sure a lady is in charge. That gave me a lot of peace.”


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