Kogi Guber Primary: Who is afraid of Murtala Ajaka ?


— Adams Yusuf

I ask again; who is afraid of the deputy national publicity secretary and the frontrunner gubernatorial aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Yakubu Murtala Ajaka?

These were the pertinent questions that came to mind—and the answer, as the wise ones say, is blowing in the wind, and all enlightened Kogites know this.

Hon. Yakubu Murtala Ajaka is a popular name in Kogi politics — and his gubernatorial ambition is causing quite a stir among rival aspirants. So, who is afraid of Murtala’s gubernatorial ambition?

Hon. Murtala is known for his ability to mobilize people, and his popularity could potentially overshadow other aspirants in the race. Despite all the potential fears surrounding Murtala’s gubernatorial ambition — one group that is not afraid is the people. Hon. Murtala Ajaka has a reputation for being a people’s politician who is focused on improving the lives of ordinary citizens.

Hon. Ajaka’s ability to connect with his people and his inspiring leadership style has earned him loyal followers among the masses. For them, Murtala Ajaka represents a beacon of hope in a society that has long been plagued by corruption and mismanagement.

In a saner political climate, the focus should be on finding the best candidate with the requisite experience and character, a kind-hearted humanitarian who can quickly alleviate the state with the necessary policies to give our people human dignity.

Here is the seeming back and forth on the suspension of the member of the National Working Committee from the party he co-build by using people from his ward, Ajaka ward 001, against him in a purported charade suspension. The petition was loaded with tissues of lies and unsubstantiated allegations instead of rival aspirants to focus on their strengths in wooing party members.

In this plot — one is delighted that so far, Hon. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka has made no negative remarks about his traducers. He has kept his cool, concentrating his energy on what matters most. That is the mark of a wise man.

Ajaja Ward 001 remains the base of Hon. Murtala Ajaka, with countless supporters for him — like hybrid bees over honeycomb.

APC stakeholders should leave the party primary to fair play, which is what it should be — and in the word of the outgoing governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello in his press release, he assured a fair playing ground for the best candidate to emerge in the forthcoming primary election — let his word stands and not the opposite.

In conclusion, Hon. Murtala’s popularity in Kogi politics makes him a frontrunner gubernatorial aspirant — despite the potential fears surrounding his ambition, the people are not afraid of him. His ability to connect with his people and inspiring leadership style has earned him a loyal follower.


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