How AIHS has impacted housing development in Nigeria – Festus Adebayo


Due to the demand and clamour for affordable housing by Nigerians, Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) over a decade, has achieved its proud dreams of making tremendous impacts in the already tough Nigerian housing and construction sectors.

This was disclosed by the Convener of the Africa International Housing Show, Festus Adebayo, in an interview, who added that, so far so good, the expectations were not only met but the show has absolutely carved a permanent niche for itself and has established a platform for both public and private sector stakeholders to draw inspiration in addressing sector related problems in Nigeria and even on the continent.

“From the new office holders in the new administration looking for informed ideas on emerging housing and construction policy dynamics, to private sector developers and investors looking for the best clients, environments and opportunities for establishment, to customers looking for the best housing deals, mortgages, credit and whatever access they need, the Africa International Housing Show has been and will always be the best and most established platform in Africa for such convergence.

Speaking on some of the achievements so far, Adebayo mentioned that “in the course of debates that were initiated by the Show, one of the top recommendations for state governments to adopt in addressing the issues relating to land was the establishment of Land Geographical Information System (LGIS).

“So far, this has been adopted by most states in Nigeria, and it has enabled them create a comprehensive data on lands and its allocation.”

“It is the hope of AIHS 2023 that the new administration will make substantive changes in creating affordable housing for Nigerians. “We will not stop talking until it is achieved, he added.”

The Show has led to so many corporate breakthroughs and partnerships in the areas of housing and construction. A lot of companies and firms have through the show signed countless number of MOUs for partnerships.

“Chief among bodies that have signed MOUs at the Africa International Housing Show includes NBRRI, NMRC and many more”.

Speakers and discussions for this year’s edition will focus on its theme, “Beyond Rethoric to Homes: Making Housing Happen.”

The expectations for this year’s edition is to not only consolidate on past wins, but to improve on them and adapt newer and improved models of delivering mass and affordable housing for all.

This year’s edition will also feature a CEOs Forum where globally renowned corporate heads in the Sector will be on hand to share their experience, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all.

AIHS is also in partnership with leading organizations such as the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Family Homes Fund, NMRC, Cosgrove, Brains & Hammers, Modern Shelter, and Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria among others.

“This year’s edition will feature over 21 countries worldwide, and 32 guest speakers drawn from various leading housing and financial sector.


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