Africa’s largest housing expo set to hold July, targets impacting economy not just housing sector


Ahead of the 17th edition of Africa’s largest housing and construction expo, Africa International Housing Show (AIHS), convener, Festus Adebayo says the expectation for the 2023 AIHS is gigantic, noting that it is a time to make more impact in the economy and not just the housing sector.

In an interview with newsmen in Abuja, Adebayo noted that AIHS has launched its mobile application to give participants updates from time to time prior to the commencement of the event.

He said the venue of the event will be opened two days to the commencement of the event to allow construction of customized booths.

“On Monday, 24th of July will feature very important personalities from across Africa and the world, and immediately after the opening ceremony, there shall be an all-important CEOs’ forum, which is a convergence of elite chief executives from Nigeria and across the world, to devise the most effective solutions to the challenges in the housing and construction industry. An avenue for CEOs to network, and share the latest trends in the housing, mortgage, construction, and real estate industry at large.”

He also added that the second day of the event will feature an international-finance session, which will focus on how the International Finance Corporation IFC can assist real estate developers in the area of affordable housing.

“The session will focus on various opportunities that are available at IFC to finance the housing deficit in Nigeria. Also, the session will look into the issue of Edge building or call it Green Housing. The effect of climate change on affordable housing development will not be left out by international experts that have been invited.

Adebayo added that the IFC edge building is one of our major partners for AIHS 2023.The international platform of AIHS will be used to issue certificate of certification to some organizations who have passed through the Edge Building program from different parts of Nigeria.”

“We shall also be having the University of Lagos’s master class powered by the Center for Housing and Sustainable Development CHSD under the leadership of Prof. Timothy Gbenga Nubi. This session will draw participants from not less than 18 countries who are partners to Unilag in the area of research and development for habitable cities.

“The session will last for several hours , participants in this year AIHS will go through master class training and will be issued certificates by UNILAG at the end of the event.”

According to Adebayo, the 17th edition of AIHS will be used to showcase international success stories in the area of housing.

“We are going to use AIHS 2023 to showcase success stories, so people can gain, learn new lessons, and get new ways things can be done.”

“If people share their experiences, it helps others know the better way to do things, and also if they share their challenges, it helps others know what not to do. It will also give us an opportunity to profile our own local success stories.”

He said a session on proptech will feature 5 best proptech companies from kenya ,US ,Nigeria and Canada .This session will be extended to appraisal of RSA for home ownership.This will be done with the support of PENCOM and MBAN.

Adebayo also added that AIHS 2023 will engage political appointees and the newly inaugurated policymakers on the housing agenda.

“Another expectation will be the introduction of the “U-40 professionals meet up”, tagged “New Generation of Affordable Housing leaders”.

“This year’s AIHS will focus on the new generation of real estate professionals across the board who will take over the housing industry.”

A special session on data for Africa real estate sector is sponsored by nmrc ,shelter Afrique and CBN fss 2020.

“There shall be side attractions like cocktails for the various days sponsored by various organizations, and the climax will be the dinner and award night which will be held on the last day of the event. Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje will also light up the atmosphere with some entertainment as our guest artist.”

He added that this year’s AIHS is where you ought to be if really you want to own a home, looking for how to succeed in that real estate business, or looking for an opportunity in housing finance, sales for building materials and home interiors and it is a unique avenue to promote your brand.


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